[UIST 2018 Adjunct] Human Perception of Shared Information for Collaboration in AR

Mar. 2018 – Oct. 2018
In collaboration with Sungu Nam, Prof. Mun Yi, and Prof. Woontack Woo
In extension of 3D interaction class project

  • Investigated user satisfaction on shared gaze and manipulation status for collaboration in AR applying attention theories.
  • Conducted user experiments with a system that connects multiple HoloLens and Android app using Unity.
  • Yoonjeong Cha, Sungu Nam, Mun Yong Yi, Jaeseung Jeong, and Woontack Woo. 2018. Augmented Collaboration in Shared Space Design with Shared Attention and Manipulation. In The 31st Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology Adjunct Proceedings (UIST ’18 Adjunct). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 13-15.

Project Description: 

To understand collaborative interactions in the virtual world, I took a 3D interaction class. In this class, I conducted a project on user collaboration in virtual environments, which engraved the importance of human perception in shared information. With the aim of supporting users to collaborate effectively in an augmented reality environment, I evaluated different visual cues of shared gaze and object manipulation status for augmented collaboration applying attention theories. I designed collaborative scenarios within a HoloLens application that connects multiple HoloLens devices and Android application using Unity Network and HoloToolkit library. The scenarios were tested on users and evaluated with questionnaires and interviews. Based on the results, I derived design implications for collaborative AR systems. I presented this research as the first author of a poster paper at UIST 2018